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        Hello, Welcome to visit Jiangsu WeiXiangRui Intelligent Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd!

        Weixiangrui IntelligentEquipment

        Automatic cutting machine, rewinding machine, electronic die-cutting machine, slitting machine, slicing machine


        • WXR-600/800/1000-Gap cutting machine

          WXR-600/800/1000-Gap cutt…

          This machine adopts programmable controller + man-machine touch screen + double servo control to pull material, which has the characteristics of high pulling
          precision, fast response speed, good synchronization effect, simple operation and so on.
          The machine can do clearance cutting, and can complete several clearance type half break a full break, asynchronous rewinding or asynchronous slicing, sheet
          material asynchronous or asynchronous rewinding, can be equipped with a knife die for die cutting work, feeding shaft can be manually rectifying deviation,
          convenient and fast.

        • WXR-350/500- High Precision computer roll to sheet cutting machine

          WXR-350/500- High Precisi…

          The startup interface is equipped with a manual;
          CNC feeding, PLC program control, human-machine interface, simple operation, high automation;
          Controlled by servo motor, cutting color chasing slice, fixed-length slice, quantity and automatic feeding speed can be set freely;
          Fast cutting speed, high precision, small loss, greatly saving labor and material costs.

        • WXR-1300/1600 Laminating Slitting Rewinding Machine

          WXR-1300/1600 Laminating …

          This machine is a kind of splicing and cutting machine equipment with high precision and sensitivity.
          Charging and discharging are carried out by air expansion shaft, tension is controlled by magnetic powder clutch, automatic deviation correction, automatic
          meter counting;
          Accurate cutting, cutting speed, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

        • WXR-1300/1600-Roll cutting machine

          WXR-1300/1600-Roll cuttin…

          Taiwan AC motor and frequency converter are used as cutting material to drive, acceleration and deceleration are stable and fast.
          Programmable central control is used, multiple sizes (up to 20 modes) can be set in the coaxial unit for one-time automatic converter, so that unmanned
          operation can be completed automatically;
          The central control system is PLC programmable controller, which can set various sizes in coaxial. The cutting degree can be automatically adjusted by the
          computer when cutting.
          High-precision imported ball screw for dimensional positioning and use of linear slide rail bearing knife block, positioning action accurate lithography;
          When the cutting plane is not good, the cutting Angle can be directly changed, which can reduce the number of knife changes, avoid the trouble of manual Angle
          adjustment, and greatly improve the production efficiency.
          The machine has two cutting shafts to choose from, which can be changed quickly to meet different material requirements.

        • WXR-320/420-Biaxial strip splitting machine

          WXR-320/420-Biaxial strip…

          It has automatic meter counting, set length, set quantity automatic stop, unwinding by photoelectric automatic deviation correction control and other functions;
          Compact structure, fast speed, high efficiency, accurate cutting, simple operation, smooth operation, etc.
          Cutting speed up to 180 m/min, greatly improving production efficiency, reduce labor costs;
          As a kind of latest computer input device, touch screen is the most simple, convenient and natural way of human-computer interaction.
          The size of the deflator and deflator shafts can be arbitrarily interchanged, making the equipment more applicable.

        • WXR-300/350-Precision trepanning die cutting machine

          WXR-300/350-Precision tre…

          PLC program control, touch screen operation, the fastest speed can reach 18,000 times/hour;
          Machine design: feeding frame with fine-tuning arc design, use adjustment is more convenient and fast, die-cutting part USES hole position positioning and
          locking, will not cause die-cutting product shift, die-cutting more precise, the discharge part USES professional hole sleeve position, the machine has high
          precision, stable pressure, small noise, fast and other advantages;
          Die-cutting part: can install carving die, wood die, plastic plate die, etch die, QDC die, can easily achieve the second set punch, die-cutting part is equipped with
          safety light curtain protection device, to ensure the safety of operators;
          Automatic oil supply system to ensure the durability and durability of easily worn parts;
          Can be before and after on-line operation, die - cutting punch complex products

        • WXRS-320/500-Three-stations laminating machine


          This machine has multiple sets of laminating cots, which can be used for multi-layer material laminating, and the function of laminating waste discharge after
          die cutting machine punching can reduce manual operation and improve production efficiency.
          Flexible and multi-purpose machine configuration, each part can achieve independent adjustment, speed, tension adjustment, pendulum Angle and other
          functions, to meet the maximum production needs;
          Servo motor control, cutting color slice, fixed length slice, quantity, automatic feeding speed can be set freely;
          Fast cutting speed, high precision, small loss, greatly save labor and material costs.

        Weixiangrui IntelligentProduct advantage

        Professional production and sales of process control systems and equipment

        Professional R & D, production, sales electronics, printing,echnology-based enterprise

        The company mainly produces automatic cutting machine, rewinding machine, electronic die-cutting machine, slicing machine, automatic feeding machine


        Quality is quality

        From the material selection, production and processing, factory inspection through more rigorous Tailored according to the actual needs of the project, reduce the cost


        Mature management modeFormal combination of factory ground and Internet

        We have been providing perfect service to our customers low price, excellent quality and other aspects to provide customers with perfect service


        Professional after-sales serviceProduct quality is better

        Professional pre-sales customer service, to provide you with product quotation Professional after-sales service for you to solve the problems encountered in use


        WeixiangruiAbout Us

        Industry related to production
        process control systems and equipment

        Jiangsu WeiXiangRui Intelligent Equipment Technolo

        Jiangsu Weixiangrui Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

          Jiangsu Weixiangrui Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan, the most economically dynamic area in China, the "East gate" of Jiangsu province, in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, between Shanghai and Suzhou, 30 minutes from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.

        view details

        Professional production, sales of electronic, printing, tape industry related




        ConsultJiangsu WeiXiangRui Intelligent Equipment Technolo


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